Poetry Contest – Inspired by All I Want for Christmas

My goal with All I want for Christmas was to capture the idea that prayer can take us on a very difficult journey, but a journey that turns out to be exactly the path we needed to be on in order to arrive where God wants us to be.

I was inspired by those who have overcome painful journeys with renewed faith. Often it is at our lowest when we find God. Now I’d like to reach out and hear your story. How has God worked in mysterious ways in your life?

THEME: God works in mysterious ways

DEADLINE: November 28th

PRIZE: Poem recorded as a song* & signed copy of All I Want for Christmas

The winner is announced on December 2nd. The contest will be judged by music pioneer and poetry composer, Gilad Hesseg, who will also record the poem as an acoustic song. 

Go to https://rebekahpace.com/poetry-contest/ to learn more!