Poetry Contest Finalists

What an inspiring collection of poems. That said, it was difficult to narrow it down to three. The finalists in no particular order:

Down the streets I walk and ponder by Victor Pereira 

I‘m not 100% sure of what to say by Wendy

I woke up like this by Christina Malloy

The winner will be announced before Christmas, along with the song version of their poem. 


ūüí≠¬†Victor Pereira¬†

Victor Pereira is a Brazilian economist, singer-songwriter, poet, and novelist. He writes in Portuguese, English, and Spanish and his short story “Macad√Ęmia” received an honorable mention in the 28th Short Stories Contest of Ara√ßatuba.

✨ Christina Malloy 

Christina Malloy published her poetry collection “Can You Hear Me” on Amazon in April 2022. She is an advocate for equal rights and justice and has been writing to Congress and different Presidents, Mayors, and police departments since Hurricane Katrina. 

“I wrote that poem at a low point in my life, a friend told me to read Isaiah 41 verse 10 and in that verse, it talks about how God is always with you, be not dismayed and fear not. That poem came to mind after I read the Bible verse. Some of my poems are by prayers to God.” 

ūüé∂¬†Wendy Phillips

Wendy Philips has been writing for over 20 years. She was born and bred in South East Queensland, Australia.